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Interesting videos I have made while visiting Russia (Vladivostok, St.Petersburg, Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk, Moscow)

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Drving through Vladivostok 2008
The plane landed in Vladivostok small international airport. It felt more like a small provincial airport, especially when the plane taxied from the landing strip to the airport. We taxied through a forest. It felt as if the birch trees were very close to the wings tips of the plane. After 20 min or so, we got out of the plane via Roll-on stairs. A little walk to the terminal, and I felt as if  I made a trip back in time, may be, the early 60th, there were old things everywhere. I felt as if  I was in a totally different world.
The taxi was already waiting for me, organized by my –then- girlfriend. We drove for nearly an hour, before we finally arrived at the hotel. Surprisingly, it took me nearly two days to realise that the cars,-which drive on the right hand side – also have the steering wheel on the right hand side- as in Australia. However, the traffic manners are very different. My girlfriend walked straight onto the road and, surprisingly, every car stopped. I also observed that every car could be a potential Taxi. Even very attractive women would stop a car, talk about the price for the fare with the driver and take off. There is no Stranger-Danger here. Written by Norbert Henke / Helping men with – Russian – women from


Vladivostok Seashore
The seashore is a meeting place for many Vladistokian people. On the weekend, it is full with people, who stroll along the well-maintained seashore promenade. As a man coming from a western country, I was gob-smacked by the plentitude of beautiful women who,  enjoyed their stroll along the seashore in  tight dresses and high heeled shoes. On the end of the promenade,  just to the left, many big tents give shelther to people who eat their freshly cooked seafood from the many  food vendors along the shoreline. If you go 200 meters further, you could hear the noises to two Beluga whales, which are captive in a small rusty cage. I felt sorry for them, as they sang their sad song over the ocean. Out of protest, I did not pay the RUB 100 ( $AUD 3.00) to see them. Written by Norbert Henke /  Helping men with – Russian – women from


Vladivostok’s poor housing, 2008
On my daily excursion while my -then- girlfriend was at work, I took my camera to discover the nearby suburbs. On many occasions, I was shocked with what I saw. Houses, which would have been pulled down in Australia, still had many occupants. I saw a very beautiful young woman with high heels coming out of these dilapidated houses. I thought, if she would compare her house with these of Sydney, she would probably receives an inferior complex. Many tall Building were build within the Khrushchev era of the 1960th.  These houses are old and have small apartments. A taxi driver said to me – in his broken English – that he lives in one of those tall buildings in a two bed flat, housing six people. Looking towards the horizon, I really did not know how to reply to him, however, I felt sorry and a little bit ashamed coming from a affluent country, like Australia. Written by Norbert Henke / Helping men with – Russian – women  from


St.Petersburg Hermitage museum, 2009
A lover of art and history would make the Hermitage Museum his Mecca. It is fully packed with all kinds of art, except modern art. Many huge painting hang from the walls, depicting the Russian nature with its flora and fauna, and depicting Russian way of life a century ago. The museum gave me a feeling of awe. It is big, long, rich, and wherever I look, there is something to see, to investigate, or to read. Next time when I come, I will take more time to look at certain paintings and observe the message within. Written by Norbert Henke /  Helping men with – Russian – women from


St.Petersburg’s Peterhof
We had to catch a bus, because Peterhof is nearly 30 minutes from the heart of the city. When we arrived, many other buses were already in the car park. The tour operator waved a flag on a long stick, each with a different colour to identify themselves. Walking through this huge park with it’s many fountains and statures is truly fascinating. The Peterhof palace is also truly spectacular. The fountains, the statures covered with gold, seem incredible awe-inspiring, especially when the sun reflects from the gold, which then shines through the thousands of tiny water droplets created by the fountains. Quite mesmerising. Written by Norbert Henke / Helping men with – Russian – women  from


Travelling on the Trans- Siberian Railway, 2010
This journey was a really adventure, may be because it was so different. My future wife organised two tickets for RUB 1500 (ca.AUD$ 75.00) each. At 23.30 we entered into a very quiet train compartment. In the semi-darkness, we waited for the attendant to supply us with blankets. After 30 minutes, the train slowly and very quietly inched forward, while we  were quietly making our bunk beds. I had to climb onto the second tier, as someone else already occupied the first tier. The climb was interesting, because there is only a 50 cm gap between the second and third tier- where the suitcases were stored. Sleeping and spending time in this narrow small space, nearly 2 Meters above the ground is taxing on the nerve, especially when one is tired. In the beginning, I bashed my forehead against the ceiling of the third tier, quite often.
The heat was stifling during the day. There is no air-conditioning. Nobody spoke on the train. Everyone minded their own business, making sandwiches, going occasionally to the Samovar, which was at the end of the carriage, to make tea or coffee. The thought of spending the next 37 hours here was interesting, but also scary,  as there are no doors. At night time, a concert of snorers kept me awake all night. If I don’t get my sleep, I can become cranky , and that I wanted to avoid. Anyhow, after 37 hours the train arrived on time in Moscow. With a smile, a hungry stomach and smelly armpits we got off the train, looking for a Taxi, which brought us to a hotel. Looking back, I thought it was a great adventure, being so close to the real Russian, integrated, and not alike a ‘typical’ tourist. Written by Norbert Henke /  Helping men with – Russian – women from