Online Counselling

Online counselling –  What to expect?

Many people  suffer from the result of abuse. Their fears, anger and self-harming beliefs and actions often (not only ) were triggered by painful childhood experiences

During the counselling session, we talk and discuss about your ( the client) concerns. Certain words you utter have its own emotional value . When these words travel over the lips, they provoke a reaction within the mind, with the help of a counsellor, these emotions ( anger, fear, hatred, pain, etc) are released, vented and consequently, a healing can commence.

Bad beliefs create hurtful emotions such as worries, anger, fear, hatred, pain, jealousy, etc.These bad beliefs are like splinters embedded deep in the flesh where they fester and fester. Through counselling, we gradually remove these bad beliefs about yourself, repair the emotional damage from the childhood and commense healing. That will be the best protection for further abuse and future self-harm..

The great benefits of counselling are that it is totally non-judgmental, free of ridicule, criticism and embarrassment.

The counselling session is a safe place to open up your painful emotions that fester within the subconscious mind.

Don’t be afraidout of your fear of ridicule and embarrassment – of what questions the counsellor might ask,

There is no ridicule, no embarrassment. 

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