Skype- how to use it

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Download Skype
When you go to the Skype website, this is what you will see. It is easy to follow.

Give yourself a Skype name

Skype aSkype bSkype cSkype dInstructions to use Video conference
The web-camera (and -if external-Microphone) is already attached your to your computer.
1. go to Tools and click open : Options
Skype 12.. in Options, Go to Audio setting

Skype 23. In Audio settings, select your Microphone in the scroll down section, adjust the voice setting; also select the appropriate loud speaker. We recommend to NOT change the Ringing section. Then go to Video settings

Skype 3

4. Video settings, select your camera. Adjust the sharpness, etc. Then select: People in my contact list only click Save. Close Options.

— here the orange square represents the live web camera image–

Skype 4