Film-clips about Russia 3

Country Market in the middle of Russia

We started the day by collecting pure water from the nearby well (or spring). The water in the pipes is undrinkable, I was told. So twice a week my future-wife and many other people walk for kilometres to the well. Here they wait patiently, in the rain or in the freezing cold. Difficult life, I thought. At lunchtime, we walked to the market in Zlatoust. I took my camera, may be there was something interesting to film. Once I saw these poor conditions, I thought Westerners should see this. It felt for me that I was thrown into a post-nuclear wartime, where all is made up out of leftovers. Stands of fruits, clothes, and meats adjoining each other and life goes on like normal. Was I really in a country where they have nuclear weapons, cosmonauts and high standing scientific research? Hmm..Russia is certainly a land of big contrasts. Written by Norbert Henke from Helping men with Russian women

Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro was an experience. I felt very vulnerable here. Everything is in Russian, and listen to the announcements of the train-conductor of the coming stations, was totally blur. Luckily, I was not alone. I don’t like situation were I can be totally ‘bushed” (lost). I experienced this in the Paris Metro, when I took me half a day to find my way back. My future-wife got very nervous when I pulled out my camera, ready to film. In a way she was right. I did not know if a need an allowance form the authorities, so I pulled out my pen-pocket camera (that is way some recording are shaky), but it worked. Written by Norbert Henke from Helping men with Russian women