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You made an excellent choice to remove abuse and self-harm, change your beliefs and thus to get more out of your life.

I am building high professional relationship with my clients

To make a booking – send me an email,

Please be so kind to write me a little insight of your concerns.Please mention, if you suffer from a diagnosed mental illness.

(In case you are wondering of what to write, here is a letter template. Just Copy & Paste this letter into your mailbox, delete what is not applicable to you  and add your information into it)

Dear Norbert

I like to make a booking for a counselling session.

I feel shy   / angry  / sad   / inexperienced     with women.

My experiences with women:

My hobbies / passions:

My goal(s) from counselling:

I am not suffering   /   I am suffering from a mental illness ( personal disorder)

At the moment, I am  /   I am not in treatment with a psychiatrist.


( your name)

I look forward to read your email. Click here to contact me


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