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For me there is nothing worse than to feel emotional pain.Counsellor Norbert Henke Dipl.Psy.Pro.Counselling

As a young man, I did not know that my subconscious was often not my friend, as my subconscious  automatically reacted to words, behaviours, provocations of women, women’s sexuality, other people and abuse . I thought my reactions, beliefs and character were as fixed as the nose of my face,- I discovered that this is so very wrong.

My childhood experiences due to its conditioning affected my young adult life.

The results were:


Fear of rejection,

Fear of ridicule;

Painful feelings of being blamed for many things;

Feeling like a worthless piece of furniture – feeling unimportant to her;

Feeling not appreciated;

Believing in lies in order to spend a lot of money;

Hard to control natural sex-urges (in order to gain warmth & love, physical closeness &  comfort,  emotional safety. I saw sex as a barometer of my self-worth);

Having unwanted pregnancy, then receiving news of the abortion of my baby;

Gruelling custody battle, thus ending me up in near financial ruin and almost with P T S D (post traumatic stress disorder).

   Most of my painful traumas came from  by my own unfarmed subconscious: upholding a wrong self-image, not questioning my reactions, ignoring intuition & warning signals, too scared to face up to the truth; disregarding naivety / gullibility, entertaining a cocky  risk-taking attitude; indulging in unsafe sex, and so on.

Nowadays,I am much smarter and wiser.  I wished back then, I had a  mentor, who would had protected me from abuse, all this unnecessary pain, traumas and its associated financial disaster. A mentor who protected me from self-harm.

   Consequently, I made it my task to counsel abused men and women and help them to  get in touch with their emotions -mostly coming from childhood experiences and childhood conditioning within the subconscious.

To free their lives of abuse and their minds of fear, anger and other dysfunctional beliefs they have learned.

These dysfunctional beliefs can cause great self-harm, such as  bad decision which can have devastating effect throughout their whole lives.

The great benefits of counselling are that it is totally non-judgmental. It is  free of ridicule, criticism and embarrassment. The counselling session is a safe place to open up your concerns, worries,emotions ( fear,anger, pain,,stress) that fester within the mind, and to start the important healing process

Don’t be afraidout of the fear of ridicule and embarrassment – of what questions the counsellor might ask,

There will be NO ridicule, nor embarrassment.

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