Informed Consent / Terms & Conditions

Please read prior to making an appointment, 

Informed Consent

Counselling is a professional relationship between client and counsellor. Together they try to create a mutual agreement on which client’s concerns they work at.

It is good practice that the client is significantly informed so he / she understands the counselling process before counselling starts.


Voluntary participation

The client voluntarily agrees to treatment and can cancel at any time

Client involvement

The client is honest and interacts with the counsellor to establish the goals for treatment.

Counsellors involvement

The counsellor will use his knowledge and experience to assist the client to obtain the client’s desired goals. Counselling is done via skype.

No guarantees

The counsellor cannot guarantee result- to be happier, less depressed or stressed, rescue the marriage, cease drug use, find a lover, etc.

Risks associated with counselling

Some memories might create discomfort within the client. If you have any heart problems and /or other important health problems and/ or suffering from panic attacks and / or have been diagnosed with a mental disorder, please advice the counsellor before session.

Confidentiality and Privileges

All information shared will be treated as confidential. Notes taken during the session will be kept in a safe place.

Exceptions of Confidentiality and Privileges

Specific statutory circumstances, such as unlawful activities, unlawful intentions disclosed during the session, confidentiality will lapse.

Counselling approach

The counsellor’s orientation is based on Western society cultural beliefs and laws. The counsellor can use a variety of therapies to assist the client. It is best when the client  talks about his issues and feelings.

Ethical guidelines

These guidelines are based on Western society cultural beliefs and laws. The client’s concerns and circumstances will be approached with the highest respect.


The counsellor possesses a tertiary Diploma of Profession Counselling, obtain in 2005 through the Australian Institute for Professional counsellors. The counsellor also possesses a degree in Cybernetics. Non-academic experiences in relationships, divorce, (Russian) women dating, and personal self-development  were obtained throughout life

Fees, Responsibilities for payment and Cancellation policy

The hourly fee is AUD$150 per session. The fee must be paid before the session takes place. A refund will be paid if a cancellation is made 24 hours prior to commencement of the session. Any threats or verbal abuse towards the counsellor(s) and / or his family attracts the immediate termination of the session and may be future sessions. No refund will be made.

Supervisory relationship

The counsellor correspondents with a supervisor on different occasions.

Colleague consultation

This consultation with other mental health professionals ensures a quality of care. Every effort is made to maintain the identity of the clients.

Terms and Conditions

When using our website you agree to the terms and conditions, which includes the legal binding terms of our website.

Modifications of our website and services may take place occasionally. You may also become aware of the agreements, which includes Frohmood’s P/L policy of acceptable content on our website, Frohmood’s P/L policy of privacy and any other alterations and notices on our website. also known as Frohmood Counselling is operated by Frohmood P/L. is a website, tailored to give people the opportunity to seek help with their relationship issues and emotional issues.

The term frohmood and its counsellor means that has limited influence of counsellors, who work as an independent operator / agent, who promise to adhere the professional guidelines stipulated by Frohmood P/L.

The counsellors are not employees.

The term Counselling services of and services of Our Recommendations means the process, legal & requirements involved in counselling and email correspondence, which is for people who seek help.

Counselling services   and services of Our Recommendations consists of Frohmood P/L and its counsellors to attempt the client of Frohmood P/L (you) to assist him /her to improve and / or change and / or exterminate, some of / if not all of his approaches, concerns, mentalities, information, awareness, tendencies, decision-making, emotional pain self-awareness about him /herself and his /herenvironment.

Counselling services   and services of Our Recommendations takes place  via Skype (a web-camera video link), consequently it consist of face-to-face via a web-camera..

Counselling services   and services of Our Recommendations consists of Frohmood P/L subcontracted counsellor (s) receiving information from the client -written or spoken- and the counsellors  provide suggestions, ideas to work towards the client’s goals. Thus,  Frohmood P/L and /or its counsellor(s) relies on the quality and quantity of information received from the client of Frohmood P/L. The corresponding information, Frohmood P/L  and its counsellor(s) supplies to the client of Frohmood P/L might not only be based on scientific research, but also might be based on common sense, experience, cultural knowledge, duty of care, cultural differences, personal opinion.

Counselling services  and services of Our Recommendations can consists on occasions of applying certain therapy methods that might evoke unpleasant and painful feelings by remembering hurtful memories.

Please inform Frohmood P/L and the counsellor if you are suffering from a heart-condition, diagnosed mental disorders, or any other health conditions, which might impede on the counselling process.

Frohmood P/L and /or its counsellor(s) is not responsible for the consequences of the decision-making of the client of Frohmood P/L

Frohmood P/L and its counsellors implement a duty of care that consists of maintaining a high level of professional service to the client stipulated by legislation and personal interest for the well-being for the client.

The information the counsellor(s) supply to the client is correct to counsellor (s) best knowledge. The counsellor(s) might warn that the client’s decision-making  could be unfavourable. The counsellor(s) and Frohmood P/L are not responsible for unseen events, act-of God, client’s decision-making, clients behaviour and clients emotions, nor responsible for those of the client associates.

Frohmood P/L reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action in its sole discretion against anyone who  promotes information against Frohmood and its counsellors,  that  is false, misleading or promotes illegal activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libellous;  harasses or advocates harassment of another person; and /or hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual

Frohmood P/L is not responsible for its subcontracted counsellors.

If you under 18 years of age you need consent of a guardian.

Frohmood P/L possesses all proprietary rights for the website and it’s service, which includes all trademarks, material, and proprietary information. You agree not to publish, modify, distribute, copy, sell or display any proprietary information, except the information you have written on your profile and/or public domain.

Limitation on Liability

In no event is Frohmood P/L and its counsellors liable for you or any third person for any damages, including punitive and loss of profit, even if Frohmood P/L has been become aware of the possibility of such damages.

Hereby you ( the client) agree to indemnify and hold Frohmood P/L, its counsellor (s), subsidiaries, other partners affiliates, agents, not liable for any loss, liability, claims, or demands- including reasonable attorney’s fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the Service in violation of this Agreement and/or arising from a breach of this Agreement and/or any breach of your representations and warranties set forth above.

Frohmood and its counsellor (s) is not responsible for any action and / or inaction and decisions the client makes; thus it is the responsibility of the client.

Frohmood and its counsellor (s) operates from Australia, consequently no personal indemnity nor legal actions w h a t s o e v e r  can be forthcoming to individuals outside the borders of Australia that includes, Canada, USA, United Kingdom.

Refusal of service
Frohmood and / or  its counsellors reserve the right to refuse service to person(s)  who might harm, lie, threaten, intoxicated, withhold legal information, people with certain mental illness, damage and/ or negatively impact the services of Frohmood and /or  its counsellors, its employees, its helpers and subcontractors; if the Informed cionsent has not been read nor agreed by the client.
and if not verbal agreement between the client and counsellor can be achieved.

Alcohol and drug intake

For effective clear-minded consultation and counselling, the client must be sober during the session on Skype. We reserve the rights to cancel, interrupt, and terminate the session on Skype, if people are found to be intoxicated and/ or are under narcotic influence. Thus, the refund of money paid to Frohmood P/L will be in the discretion of Frohmood P/L and /or its counsellor(s)


All information received from the client will be kept confidential.

Written notes taken by the counsellor can be subpoenaed by a court of law.

Counsellors go on an ongoing discussions with their supervisors to ensure a high quality counselling is maintained. On occasion, the counsellor will discuss certain counselling session events to their supervisor, however any names will not be mentioned.( A supervisor is a term for a mental health professional who engages with counsellors)

Online counselling service

Each situation and concern of a person is different. In order to provide effective counselling, the client and counsellor need to discuss, which goal(s) the client wants to achieve. Thus, a verbal agreement has to be discussed between client and counsellor of the requirements, expectations of the clients, cost, terms & conditions before counselling commences. It is imperative that the Informed Consent has to be read and agreed / given by the client before the counselling session commences.

 Remembering childhood memories and painful experiences can be uncomfortable and confronting. If you are suffering from a heart-condition, you need to inform us before booking a counselling session

Email services

Frohmood P/L and its counsellor(s) uses Our email service is to provide additional assistance to the client of certain issues, problems he has discovered during the interactions. . Our email service is NOT a substitute of a counselling session.

The answer we provide is usually approximately 500 words.

Attachments send by the client will not be opened (due to the risks of computer virus infection).

Our Recommendation service:

It is designed to offer the client of Frohmood P/L and its counsellor(s) certain recommendation via Skype to ease his current / immediate concerns, mentalities, and situations, e.g. a painful separation 12 hours ago. Consequently, the client is not required to enter into a client-counsellor counselling agreement.

Cancellation of appointment

Cancellation of appointment must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment without attracting a cancellation fee.


Frohmood and /or  its counsellors entertain the right to cancel verbal contracts and / or verbal agreements of the client of Frohmood P/L and its counsellors, if Frohmood P/L and its counsellor (s) feels threatened by you or a third party. Additionally, cancellation can take place when the client of Frohmood P/L and /or  its counsellors is lying, engaged in malice, slander, unlawful behaviour and events, deceitfulness towards Frohmood P/L and its counsellor (s)  that lead to damage and suffering of Frohmood P/L with its counsellor (s).  Thus, the refund of money paid to Frohmood P/L will be in the discretion of Frohmood P/L and /or its counsellor(s)

Sessions on Skype

The interview is face-to-face via a web camera. If another person will join you before and / or during, then you have to notify us beforehand.
Each session is approx. 60 minutes long.

Each session consist of a web-camera, microphone and a video-link between the client and the counsellor. Each session must be free of sexual innuendos, racist remarks, intoxication, threats of any kind, foul language, political questions, demands, harassments.

For the video-link, the client needs a loud-speaker, microphone, monitor and an internet connection to gain our service to Skype.

Due to fluctuating internet connection speed the quality of the video might change or break off during the consultation or counselling session. .

Counselling restrictions
Mental illness

Frohmood P/L and /or its counsellor(s) does not perform clinical assessment / treatments. If you have been previously diagnosed with a mental illness, Frohmood P/L and /or its counsellor(s) cannot give you treatment for your specific mental illness

Due to the limitation on Skype, Frohmood P/L and its counsellor (s) is not able to provide in-depth psychotherapy.

People who are diagnosed during the counselling session of an existing undiagnosed mental illness, Frohmood and / or its counsellor (s) will suggest that you find a mental practitioner in your local area and consequently our Counselling services will cease, however Our Recommendation services still can provide you with assistance.

Refund of money
The refund of money is within the discretion of Frohmood P/L . In special circumstances, Frohmood P/L is willing to refund a part of money paid by the client of Frohmood P/L

Your responsibilities:

Frohmood and its counsellor (s) is not responsible for technical problems, internet speed, internet outages, malfunction of equipments, hacker attacks, lost emails, computer viruses of any kind.

Please ensure your computer and equipments is of good working order , and free of computer viruses and other malware.


In case you are experiencing an emergency, you understand that you will seek help within your local area, Lifeline, Beyond Blue, Police, GP, etc., and not solely reply on Frohmood and its counsellor (s).

Breaching of the law
Frohmood and /or it s counsellor (s) reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action in its sole discretion against anyone who violates this provision, including without limitation, removing the offending communication from the Service and terminating the services of such violators. When Frohmood and /or it s counsellor (s) were informed during a session that a crime took place, and / or will take place, Frohmood and /or it s counsellor (s) will forward this information to the authorities.

Mandatory laws within Australia

Frohmood and its counsellor (s) maintain Mandatory laws within Australia.

That means the Frohmood and its counsellor (s) must report to local authorities when the following becomes known:

Elder abuse


Child abuse

Child sexual abuse


Domestic violence

Criminal intend

Criminal acts

Please note

If any of these above mentioned categories affected you and / or you are experiencing them currently, please contact  a professional service ( Police, Lifeline, etc.) immediately.


Internet interruptions due to hacking attacks and / or Act of God

Frohmood admits NO responsibilities of damages, injuries.

In case of internet interruptions due to hacking attacks or Act of God, such as bushfires, floods, during the counselling session, the interrupted counselling session will be repeated on the next available date of no extra charge.

Payments procedure

Payments are made via credit card using a PayPal platform.

When you agreed to a counselling session the counsellor will send you an invoice / payment link.

Payments must be made 48 hours before counselling commences.

In case of personal emergencies, please contact your counsellor and ask if he is able to schedule you in; still payments have to be made before counselling starts.

Termination/ death of counsellor

In case the counsellor  loses the contract with Frohmood P/L or dies, you will be informed as soon as possible.

You have the option to continue with a different counsellor or to cease counselling.

Informed Consent

By agreeing to commence counselling sessions, you agree that you have read, agree, and understand the Informed Consent.


All financial transactions are in Australian Dollars.

English languages

English is the language that is used during the counselling session.

Definitions of terms


The term counselling means: The provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems


The term Self-harm is often used for wilful personal body injuries and suicide. Frohmood extends this term for further damages to personal potential, future potential, damages and injuries to other people / property, neglect, abuse and domestic violence.

Act of god

An act of God is a natural hazard outside human control, such as an earthquake or tsunami, for which no person can be held responsible.


The term session is described as a talking therapy that involves a trained therapist listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with emotional issues


I have read and understand all the terms and conditions

 I am the person listed as the client /customer in this booking

 It is my wish and direction for my checking of the box to serve as my signature and acceptance without further proof, of all terms and conditions, as if I had actually signed the terms and conditions and the credit card charge slips

 I have checked that the dates of my booking is correct

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