Relationship Problems or Break-downs? How to Limit the Damage

last updated 14 February 2022, Sydney

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Manage Relationship Problems


Survive Relationship Break-downs

Handle Relationship Emergencies

Domestic violence

Limit the Damage

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Is your relationship repairable? 






Has your relationship broken down?  




Are you suffering? 

Are you at risk?

“You can’t buy love,

but you can pay a HIGH price for getting it.”

Are you distressed, unhappy, ruined,devastated, worried?

Free yourself

Angry couple

Can you cope?

Do you know what to do / how to react?

How will you survive if the break-up becomes stressful, painful, ugly?

After a break up (e.g. divorce), do you have the worried Businessmanpsychological strength and knowledge to endure the –possible- onslaught of misery, pain, fear, unfairness, loneliness, etc. and still make smart rational decisions?

Do Worries/ Trouble/ Distress

drive you crazy make you panicky / keep you awake at night / make you lose control with anger / prevents you from eating / give you stomach ulcers, etc.?

Emergency counselling: Having a fit

Out of lovers can become  bitter enemies 

The person who has been taken to the ‘cleaners’ ( Family Law Courts) will thinks twice of being cocky, naïve or cavalier about the situation, future, life and partner

Let us help you

Make an appointment with us  today

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Invest in & protect yourself

Talk to us to EASE the pain

Talk to us to STOP worrying

Talk to us to START healing

What could be your triggers to help yourself ( and your relationship)?

Fear of loneliness / abandonment

Pride        Let's think


Unfair treatment

Fear of rejection

Vulnerable to great self-harm

Pure need of personal survival


Protect your Business, Assets, Life  from Divorce, Ruin Abusers, unfitting personal Emotions

Prevent total ruin

Possible bad consequences, if you don’t do anything about your feelings / situation

  • Revengeful domestic violence
  • Self-harm
  • Gruelling custody battle 
  • Financial ruin ( losing your assets, business, property, etc.)
  • Depression, worries, mental torments, even suicide
  • Your children suffer or break
  • Loss of life-style, loss of job
  • health problems
  • just to mention a few

Talk to us online via web-camera

We help you to:

– manage your miserable feelings;

– repair your relationship;

– during & after a relationship break down ( e.g. divorce), guide you to  develop a New You   – emotionally stronger and smarter – by developing your Inner Mental Manager within your mind

Make an appointment with us  today

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A quick overview of our services: for the reader who is in a hurry

  • Effective, quick and convenient web-camera online counselling We prefer Skype. You need a microphone, Academic Recordsloudspeakers, web-camera ( most laptops / smart phone have these)
  • One counselling session per week (recommended)
  • Friendly, highly professional, yet down-to- earth, counsellors
  • Absolute non-judgemental comments by  the counsellor towards your situation
  • Psychological home-work tasks given to achieve your weekly goals Counselling
  • If you want, counsellors can monitor of your progress
  • After you terminated counselling, if you want, we still can do monthly enquiries of your situation/ progress; Future ongoing availability when you need us
  • Competitive rates $150 per session( 1 hour)
  • Select a counsellor from our website who suits you best;

Counselling session:

The first 30 minutes of the very first session are free.

One session of Counselling $ AUD 150.00 per hour

One Email assistance ( maxi. 500 words) $ AUD 55.00

We make it very, very easy for you !

 We use Skype (web-camera) for counselling, therefore

stay at home or in your office  

– No driving to the counselling practice

 No annoying questions from receptionist

 No fear of embarrassment / ridicule

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What is a treacherous partner?

Your NEW YOU- developing your Mental  Manager

Web-camera counselling


Unshackle yourself from self-harming beliefs

Value of my counselling service

What if you do nothing?

Protect your business & assets

Video advice from International women


A treacherous person can be a





Mentally ill,

Control freak –disguised  as a client, lover, friendly person, partner

One goal is to NOT fall into a trap of treacherous person

In order to achieve this goal, we created a tailored and attractive program for you:

Is a bully / treacherous person pushing your buttons?

Don’t be tricked, exploited, abused, deceived and ruined – by an undetected – skilful treacherous, deceitful,  manipulative, – client, lover, person, partner, bully

(may be the person from HELL)  


A treacherous person is like a parasite, who wants to obtain money,  riches, success, comfort, etc. without working for it, i.e. from someone else.

A treacherous ( troublesome, malicious, unsafe, nasty, criminal, dangerous) person exploits the weaknesses, trust and kindness of other people, and you become  his / her target.

You become his / her pawn.

The natural human need for love, for trust, for care, safety, comfort and the need for affection, sex and romance can be easily abused by a treacherous person.

Lies, deceptions, manipulations, provocations can easily end up in YOUR self-harm, disaster, mental anguish, ravenous hate, ruin, even suicide.


Do you know how to detect and handle a treacherous person, -clients, – lovers, – partners?

Do you know what to do when?

  • a client deliberately sexually provokes you, in order to entrap you with sexual harassment;
  • a lover who says compliments and sweet words only to manipulate and emotionally blind you;
  • A partner who deliberately makes you jealous, provokes you so much that you violently snap, resulting in domestic violence ( which can be detrimental in a custody battle); A group of women
  • A client who does not pay his / her  bill, thus ignores, laughs and ridicules you;
  • A partner who freely spends your money without a guilty conscience;
  • A client who twists your words that it becomes difficult for you to say ‘NO’;
  • A person who deliberately pulls on your heart-strings to make you feel guilty, make you feel inadequate in order to have control, so you pay ( more);
  • A millionaire/ millionairess who falls into the romance trap- be blackmailed, exploited, abused;
  • Clients who want to intimidate you, in order to have control over you and your business;
  • A treacherous lover who uses sexuality to turn you into a practical slave / tool;
  • A client who baits you so he / she can get a court pay out;
  • People who are sexually promiscuous;
  • A bully who figured out your needs, wants and desires, only to exploit you with force, threats and anger.

There could be hundreds awful scenarios written down here. Many scenarios can be analysed with common sense and thus disaster can be avoided.

However sometimes we can become so emotionally involved, so emotionally blind that it is difficult to think straight, to be in control over our emotions. Someone is able to push our buttons, especially when we put down our guards when our trust, love, dignity, respect and intelligence is abused, betrayed and dirtied.

When our love, hope, and expectations turn into disappointment and ridicule and when we realise that bad play is at hand, often aggression, hate, anger can flare up and the cycle of self-harm starts.

We need to talk to a counsellor who assists us to reprogram, to repair our subconscious so that automatic reactions can be influenced constructively.

Your NEW YOU- developing your Mental Manager

The developed Mental Manager functions as a decision-maker, protector, love-giver, healer within your subconscious


Get rid of  your mental Torment

Survive the shock, agony, sadness, etc.

Vent your  anger, hate constructively through counselling



Develop the important Mental Manager within your mind:     


  • Not to endanger yourself further
  • Protect yourself against hidden dangers
  • Make smart decisions
  • Become informed to be Safe
  • Stop further self-harm & avoid hidden Ruin
  • Stand Up for your Rights
  • Fight back – mentally’ – Regain Quality of life, happiness, strength, resilience, etc.

Subconscious mind within a brain

Millions of years of human evolution shaped the human subconscious mind to quickly escape from danger, such as, quickly recognising enemies faces, and also to ensure the survival of the human species through sex.

For the fortunate, the childhood was the cradle of good self-esteem, good self- preservation, good memories; for the unfortunate, it was a place of trauma, lack of love, neglect and may be (sexual) abuse.

Sadly, the human subconscious mind has not developed to automatically detect mental illness, a liar, gold-diggers, psychopaths, scammers, nor to make smart decisions when we feel ridiculed, screamed at, bullied and even when we become intoxicated with hot and passionate romantic & sexual emotions. The New You

We need to obtain this information through counselling in order to develop our Mental Manager. so we are able to confront and tackle strong emotions and desires within ourselves which can lead to abuse, ruin, self-harm and domestic violence

  • Develop your true potential
  • Giving empathy to customers, staff, people, etc.Counsellors
  • Build better relationships
  • Feeling safe
  • Inner-peace
  • Expressing your own inner- love
  • Deep happiness
  • Healing / convalesce
  • Protect against bad influences
  • Have a sense of belonging

just to mention a few



Skype counsellorNeed help fast?

  Call us +61(0)405 833 415 or send us an email, and we will try to counsel you the same day, if not, the next day

Web-camera counselling


My counselling service consists of three components you can choose from.

1.) Counselling via Skype ( client- counsellor professional relationship)

2.) Our Recommendation via Skype (We listen to your concerns /situation; for example your partner deceived you. We suggest ideas of self-help;

3.) Email assistance: available after on session of counselling or recommendation.

We counsel via Skype:

Shy men & women who want to attract a partner

Angry / aggressive men & women who want to remove their tendency for domestic violence e.g. in order to keep their family

Bullied / submissive men & women who have difficulties to Stand Up for their emotional rights

Successful men & women who want to protect their emotional hearts, minds and bank accounts from being tricked

Inexperienced men & women who love to be in a relationship with a partner

Men & women who have a problem with their self-image and /or self-esteem, which effects their life, work, relationships.

Men & women who are too naïve, impulsive, gullible when interacting (romantically) with an attractive partner

Men & women who suffer from emotional pain, mental pressure, suicidal thoughts and are in urgent need for emotional help


 hidden, silent, unknown – (just to mention a few):

  • Naivety (trusting too easily, thus losing your assets to an unloving scheming scammer)
  • Anger, hatred resulting in ugly Domestic violence(out of anger: breaking the law, AVO, going to court / jail, etc.)
  • Crippling Financial ruin (e.g. gruelling court costs)
  • Neglecting Customers / clients rights
  • Infuriating, provoking & fighting with customers / clients/ staff
  • Lack of empathy towards the needs of customers, staff, colleagues
  • Wilfulness to ignore laws and a personal good conscience
  • Undeveloped personal potential due to bad self-image
  • Self-neglect (not standing up for your emotional / legal rights)
  • Bad partner-choices – e.g. dating a psychopath out of desperation
  • Naïve choice of lovers
  • Exploitation( through bullying, sexual blackmail, deceptions, manipulations of a psychopath – partner or boss)
  • Unwanted pregnancies (e.g. paying high percentage of your income in child support)
  • Loss of family life through painful separation / divorce
  • (possible) PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder) after a gruelling custody battle
  • Poisonous Suicidal thoughts
  • Great loss of Quality of Life, loss of employment, loss of personal potential, great unhappiness
  • Wasting money, time and great efforts through a risky trial & error approach
  • Not to forget the improvements to your physical health

Counselling is a MUST for everyone who is in emotional pain, lives under any kind of mental pressures, who was abused in their childhood, relationship(s) and at work

Thus, it is important and vital for the journey through life.CEO The subconscious mind with its learned childhood fears & traumas; its programming, dysfunctional beliefs and so on, often produces too powerful emotions, even life-threatening emotions. We need extra help !

“Develop the Mental Manager as quickly as possible”Businessman

Don’t become weaker, more vulnerable

Invest in your life and future.

  Make an appointment with us today or –even easier- send us SMS 0405 833 415 & we will call you back

Please note: Make sure you are safe ( away from the abuser) when you decide to change your life / seek help.

Protect your mind, assets, property, health

Protect yourself from further abuse, emotional pain, rage, ridicule, double-pain ( losing money and children), revengeful thoughts, loss of potential, etc.

Protect youprotect against harmrself from yourself (subconscious mind that produces Self-harm)

Protect your happiness, life, success, money, etc. from bullies, cruel scammers, gold-diggers control-freaks, sadists, damaging people with mental illness (personality disorders) such as narcissism, bi-polar, border-line, (undiagnosed) psychopaths, and so on

“Dedicating oneself to a great cause, taking responsibility, and gaining self-knowledge is the essence of being human.”

It feels good

Instead of Suffering, Abuse, Self-harm, etc. – why not release the Good Force within you

Unshackle your mind and life


YOU decide-out of pure self-interest

UNSHACKLE  yourself from self-harming beliefs and the effects of the abuser.

Why should you do that?

Self-protection through confidence

Release the good force within you

You are more then your previous mistakes

Invest into your life

Put passion into your life to get more out of your life

Heal your emotional pain

You feel happier and more content

You become emotional attractive to women

You feel more positive, optimistic, and energetic to obtain your goals

You become more loving, caring to your dream-woman and future children, i.e. increase their happiness

Liberate the potential of your mind

“Man does not simply exist but always decides what his existence will be, what he will become the next moment. By the same token, every human being has the freedom to change at any instant.”


What might you lose if you never change?

You could lose everything !!

If you do not change, you could be at risk of further pain, mental pressures, abuse and self-harm

Such as:

Your Mental manager stays small and underdevelop, scared and vulnerable.

Moreover it could create a painful self-destruction of self-esteem.

Your love- potential decreases by your subconscious negative programming

Bad judgement about other people’s intentions

Impaired self-fulfillment through bad decision-making about love, sex, partner’s love & sex, etc.

Leave yourself open to financial & psychological exploitation through gullibility, impulsiveness, love-addiction, etc.

Soul-destroying actions of retaliation against abuse through Domestic Violence, even Murder / Suicide

Painful unhappiness, loss of job, may be eating disorders, heart attacks and so on,

Separation, divorce followed often by financial ruin and loss of contact with your children



What value is my counselling service to you?

Our goals are to help you to:

Become safe and stay successful

Develop your Mental Manager within your subconscious

Protect yourself from harmful influences from your subconscious

Manage difficult, dangerous emotions/ situations

Handle anger, fear, emotional pain, shame, hatred, etc

Make smart(er) rational decisions

Develop true potential

Moreover, it helps you to learn to protect yourself against harmful beliefs within the subconscious,

Increase your Confidence to detect abusers, scammers, skillful manipulations, etc.

More courage to stand up for your (emotional) rights

Save money, time and effort by avoiding a risky trial and error approach

Better self-judging as-protection against financial abuse, bullying, blackmail, etc.

Make better partner-choices

Overcome shyness, fear, anger from past relationships

Heal your emotional pain effectively through professional guidance

Become streetwise to combat naivety

Release your inner-love to become emotional attractive

Become assertive to Stand Up for your Rights ( manage to say ” No” ) against partner(s), who want to intimidate you to gain control over you ( & your money)

Become happier, fulfilled within yourself as you start to develop your potential – in a constructive way


My counselling service

was created from many of my skills as a counsellor and from many of my own self-harming and often painful personal experiences of being abused

It is tailored to vulnerable clients

It is based on various psychology therapies.


My counselling service consists of three components you can choose from.Skype video counselling

1.) Counselling via Skype         (client- counsellor professional relationship)

2.) Our Recommendation via Skype (We listen to your concerns /situation; for example your partner deceived you. We suggest ideas of self-help;

3.) Email assistance: available after on session of counselling or recommendation.

Let us help you

If you are experiencing Pain, Abuse,Self-harm, Domestic violence in your your life and are overcome / disabled by emotional pain, anger, guilt, mental pressures, etc., don’t wait any longer.

Don’t become weaker, more vulnerable.

Invest in your life and future.

Making an appointment

Make an appointment with us today or –even easier- send us SMS 0416 867 527, and we will call you back


3Counsellor Norbt Henke beNorbert

Counsellor Norbert Henke Dipl.Psy.Pro.counselling

I, Norbert Henke, am determined to create friendly high quality professional counselling service with clients via Skype to help you develop the New You

Become confident to change your life.

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Free material:

Enjoy our video interviews of International women how they think and feel

How and why to repair your emotion after a divorce?

Excerpt of my DVD “What Men should know about Women”
Even I, a counsellor, is not free of pain and emotional disaster. Despite all the good intentions, it is sometimes not possible to make sense ‘out of life’. During a – often painful, dysfunctional- relationship, many beliefs about women, men, sex, and relationships have slowly developed in our minds. Some of our self-esteem has been eroded through pain and negativity. These beliefs create our emotions, which either give us love and energy or drain us through negativity. In my opinion, everyone was experienced a “dysfunctional” and painful relationship should seek counselling; just to ensure that the new relationship is free of emotional left-overs from the previous partner. Counsellor Norbert Henke, Dipl. Pro. Counselling, likes to help men with women to build confidence and happy relationships. Go to for more info.

Repairing our emotions. What does that mean?

Excerpt of my DVD “What Men should know about Women”
In order to explain this, let us look at a person whose soul is free and unrestricted. We might think that this person is very independent and happy, and we are mostly correct. So how did this person’s soul become free? This person had a childhood like all of us. He was told information about himself, his surroundings, and the world. Some info was correct, some was half-correct, some was false, and some was very damaging to his mind. Now this child grew into an adult, and his damaging child programming were still causing negative results in his life, such as poor self-esteem, anger, relationship breakdowns, etc. It becomes clear that repairing our emotions is an important and essential part for our self-development, as the goal is to gradually free our soul. Counsellor Norbert Henke, Dipl. Pro. Counselling, likes to help men with women to build confidence and happy relationships. Go to for more info.

What turns a woman sexually on?
Anastasia, a Russian woman, is so kind to tell us her opinion. Beautiful women become more attracted to men who understand how a woman thinks and feels. Fools enter where angels fear to tread. In other words, without good information and preparations the risks can be high to repeat previous mistakes again. Knowing how women – Russian women – think and feel is a good way to reduce this risk. Counsellor Norbert Henke, Dipl. Pro. Counselling, and Olesya Pridannikova- Henke, a Russian woman, are enthusiastic to help men with Russian women through recommendation, information, consultation, and counselling.

Can a bald headed man be attracted to a woman?
Tanya, a Russian woman, young and passionate at heart, tells us what she thinks about the question. Precaution is sometimes a smart attitude. Gathering information to make informed decision is on the forefront of successful men. I think any man who wants to build a relationship with a woman needs many questions answered, just to shed some light into how women, at this moment a Russian woman, think and feel. Counsellor Norbert Henke, Dipl. Pro. Counselling, and Olesya Pridannikova- Henke, a Russian woman, are enthusiastic to help men with Russian women through recommendation, information, consultation, and counselling.

What do you think of a woman who lets her partner buy expensive rings / things he cannot afford?
Olesya, an authentic young Russian woman from the heart of the Ural Mountains in Russia answers a question, which many men will find very interesting. Listening to a woman’s opinion is very informative, because the understanding – how women think and feel – is an important part of relationship building, reduction of fear and development of trust. The idea to help men to understand women, especially Russian women, sprung to life after my gruelling divorce. My goal is to inform, because through information, we are able to make informed decisions and good decision-making is important for any man, in particular in regards to women, Russian women, and Internet dating.

Is it easy to sexually provoke a man?
Ekaterina, a Russian woman, tackles this question, which many men find rather interesting. Decision-making is very important, especially in the beginning of the relationship. No man wants to lose his girlfriend.
Men who want to make their girlfriends happy do good to know how women think and feel. An answer to a question can avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and promote empathy. Counsellor Norbert Henke, Dipl. Pro. Counselling, and Olesya Pridannikova- Henke, a Russian woman, are enthusiastic to help men with Russian women through recommendation, information, consultation, and counselling.

More videos of women: Olesya, Ekaterina, Tanja, Anastasia

Ekaterina: How important is sex for a Russian woman outside the relationship?

Tanja: How important is sex for a Russian woman outside the relationship?

Tanja: Is in your opinion money more important than love?

Anastasia: Is it easy to sexually provoke a man?

Olesya: Is it pleasant for a woman to have sexual power?

Olesya: What are the important components within a relationship?

Tanja: What are the important components within a relationship?

Ekaterina: What are the roles of a man within a relationship?

Olesya: What could he do so she stays within a relationship?

Tanja: What could he do so she stays within a relationship?

Anastasia: What is a good lover?

Ekaterina: What is a good lover?

Tanja: What turns a woman sexually on?

Tanja: Who should be in control- or lead within a relationship?